Saturday, January 1, 2011

Discovery Channel - We Built This City: London HDTV 720p 1.07GB

 We built this city London.720p-KhDv

Discovery Channel - We Built This City: London
HDTV 720p | English | 50mins | 1280x720 | MPEG4/AVC | 25FPS | AC3 - 384 kbps | 1.07 Gb
Gener: Documentary
London is a city grounded in history -- rising from a walled Roman settlement (Tiberinius's Londinium) to become the epicenter of the far-flung British Empire. Even through revolution and world war, London has continued to thrive onward and upward. Question is, how did the relatively tiny island nation of Great Britain foster one of the most famous cities in the world? Find out in this fascinating documentary.

During World War II, around 35% of the city was destroyed by German air raids. Amazingly St. Paul’s Cathedral remained virtually unscathed, even though it stood right at the heart of the devastation that cost 10,000 lives. London was able to rebuild its economic might following the war and, by the end of the 1950s, most of the damage had been repaired. In 1965, London’s neighbouring suburbs, which were home to countless workers, became part of the city - the urban sprawl that is Greater London was born.


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