Friday, January 7, 2011

BBC - Noahs Ark The Real Story [2003] DVDRip 700MB


BBC - Noah's Ark : The Real Story
XviD | English | 640x352 29000fps | MP3 117Kbps | 50 minutes | 700 MB
Genre: Documentary | Special Subject

According to the Bible, Noah was a holy man who saved humankind on a wooden ark two-thirds the size of the Titanic. Throughout the world, children are familiar with this well-loved tale of animals loaded onto an ark, two-by-two, before a giant flood destroys life on earth. But is there any truth to this incredible story?

It's part of everyone's childhood and one of the greatest myths of all but did it really happen? This programme puts some extraordinary claims about Noah, his Ark and the Great Flood to the test, using CGI to build a clear picture of the historical Noah and the dramatic events that inspired the story of the Ark and the Flood. New archaeological discoveries suggest that the biblical story was based on a real event: there was indeed a massive flood in Mesopotamia in 3000BC. Noah himself, though, was far from the man the Bible says he was.


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